Adrien Brody and his layers came out of nowhere to claim late fall dominance. I want to see him on Succession again but even if we don’t, just that one episode was so impactful.


Speaking of Succession, I saw the dumbest criticism about it: the Roys are stuck together in rooms too much, possibly because of COVID filming protocols. It’s not COVID that isolates them, it’s their wealth. Since season one, there are rarely ever new faces who stick around (for example, Rhea or Lawrence both were disposed of). Gerri, Frank, and Carl have been around a very long time. Roman and Shiv have no friends (even though Shiv had a gaggle of bridesmaids) and we only know Stewy because he went to college with Ken. The Roys are stuck together because that is the nature of their power struggle – when someone breaks away (like Kendall has this season), his freedom feels like an island. The suffocation and codependence is part of the plot, not a writing mistake. 


This Selena Gomez-Chris Evans dating story seems like bad intel to me – a few coincidences. But the sweater storyline is just silly. It’s cold (in some places)! Everyone is wearing cable knit sweaters, which are a staple of fall and winter. I text Lainey about these sweaters all the time because it’s really hard to find a great one. I think the Easter egg brigade is reaching with Selena and Chris. Now if she took a picture with Dodger, that would be confirmation I could get behind.


Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are celebrating their one year anniversary. We are all celebrating, really. He posted four intimate photos of them, she posted a shot of their anniversary dinner menu and a boomerang. And this rom-com is as fascinating today as it was on day one.

Drake and Kanye made up (check the second slide). Let’s see how long this lasts.