This morning, Lainey opened with Lil Nas X and his Thom Browne look. Taika Waiti wore Thom Browne to the premiere of the Eternals and I hate this suit! So much! It’s trying so hard to do something, you know? It looks like a Project Runway challenge bottom two outfit. And his caption about getting lots of attention because of his date (Rita Ora). Um… Angelina Jolie was there. No one was checking on Rita Ora. These two are perfectly thirsty together though. Mutually parched.


Chrissy Teigen is on an apology tour, with her Instagram and now personal appearances (which will ramp up because her new cookbook is coming out). Sometimes Housewives have “apology tour” seasons, which is when they burned so many bridges and have to reingratiate themselves into the group or no one will film with them (the kiss of death for their contract). Andy lobbed a softball at Chrissy to help her talk about social media and she stumbled. He eventually jumped in to help complete her thought but this appearance makes me wonder if she is ready to do this. My guess is this is a soft entry and Drew Barrymore, Today, and maybe Ellen are next. 


And this is part of a larger comeback (even though she never truly went away). Jen Garner, who could do anything she wants on social media, chose to give some shine to Pepper Thai’s cookbook. (Pepper is Chrissy’s mom and a NYT bestseller.) There is no way that someone on Jen’s team wouldn’t have weighed the pros and cons of being Chrissy-adjacent, and went for it. It’s building blocks. 


Started reading an excerpt from Scottie Pippen’s upcoming book Unguarded in GQ and had to stop because it was so juicy, it needs my full attention. “He couldn’t have been more condescending if he tried.” We instantly know who he’s talking about, right? 

Out of curiosity I looked up Evan Spiegel’s net worth and the top result was $10 billion. That can’t be right? I know celebrity net worth numbers are really inflated on the internet, so I’m taking that with a huge grain of salt. But let’s say he’s a fraction of that, like $1 billion — he’s a lot more low-key about it than his contemporaries. He’s dressing up as an astronaut, not actually trying to go to space. 


Sarah Jessica Parker has launched a line of bags with Samsonite and it’s made Oprah’s Favorite Things list (a few pieces are already sold out). Since launching her shoe line, she’s layered in a few different products (like fragrance, a single black dress, candles). She should tackle one pair of sweatpants next – she always has really good pants (Vogue covered a selection of them here).