With eyes on Gabrielle Union, she posted a birthday recap (minus Dwyane Wade) and he posted a family Halloween photo with… a costume set. They’ve gone as a team before (Milli Vanilli and a family of s’mores). Whatever is happening in the marriage, the family tradition continues.


When the sidepiece becomes the main piece! I love the hashtag, like they haven’t been in hiding. He posted her on Instagram in October! I’m curious what the demand for this podcast will be. It’s not 2020. Companies do not have money to throw around on vanity projects so it must perform.  


Yesterday I kind of ragged on The Rock’s David Beckham costume and after seeing the video, I stand behind it. 

Oh my gosh a group of friends went as the Twilight baseball scene!!!!! EGOT this immediately. 


Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre had an epic falling out (to put it mildly) and have made up. I could see these two working together again because Two and A Half Men made all the people involved a LOT of money. And despite his shenanigans (or maybe because of his shenanigans), Charlie Sheen is well-liked by TV audiences. He has a lot of face and name recognition and a very recognizable character he plays. 


Ariana Grande is soooooo close to going Instagram official with SpongeBob side piece. I’m guessing they are waiting until custody is settled with his ex. 


Yellowstone is coming to an end but it’s more than a show, it’s a universe now. The next two series, following the era theme, is 1944 and 2024. With the strike ongoing there are actors, even ones who typically work regularly, who are stressed about money and getting that first gig as soon as they can. Getting back on set is a priority. Who do you think the next “name” will be to join this world? My guess is Jon Bernthal. He’s worked with Taylor Sheridan before and has spoken pretty highly of him, unlike most other people. (Pictured is Cole Hauser because I know he makes some of you feral.)

Kerry Washington took time out of promoting her book to join the picket line. I missed Kerry x Oprah but I will seek it out this weekend. 


Are you into the holiday Christmas drinks? It’s a whole thing and I find I will drink one but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I always regret it (and the massive sugar crash/headache that follows). But I am being influenced by Ian Somerhalder. I need to know if this coffee drink is as good as he says it is. It’s organic, in case you didn’t catch him mentioning that several times.