You’s third season is in production and cast a bunch of new characters, including the neighbour we glimpsed at the end of season two. The first two seasons were based on the books You and Hidden Bodies, but there is no guide for the third season, it could go anywhere. My one, small complaint about the first two seasons is that they involved kids, characters that had no part in the books. I could have done without them. 


Earlier this week, Lainey wrote about the sale of Taylor Swift’s master recordings and the ongoing issues with Scooter Braun. I found a couple of things interesting about Taylor’s approach: first off, she posted the response to Twitter only, not Instagram. Why? Usually she will use both platforms and her fan accounts are extremely active on both. The other thing that jumped out to me is that this time, she only spoke about Scooter and not Scott Borchetta, Big Machine, or Carlisle Group, so it’s a more focused fight. 

But where does the fight go from here? Taylor’s fans have one narrative: the rerecord will render the master recordings worthless. It will change the value for sure, but no company is spending $300 million without due diligence. Shamrock Holdings sees long-term value and if they piss off Taylor to the point she goes public with it, it’s much harder to target an equity group than a manager like Scooter who has a brand and reputation to protect. Who are her fans going to go after, Vice Chair Abigail Disney? It’s not like she’s accessible. Her fans can’t really get to Shamrock or hurt their reputation, which has always been part of Taylor’s strategy with her feuds. In a statement, Shamrock said “while we hoped to formally partner, we also knew this was a possible outcome that we considered.” The company knew there was a chance she wouldn’t want to be involved with them and that wasn’t a deterrent for them. They are not wallflowers –Shamrock’s Wiki page describes the company as “aggressive investors.” There is experience and a lot of money at play here; no one is spending $300 million without a plan. So how will Taylor adjust her strategy in the fight to get them back?


This process, and to only have a nose hole to breathe through, would absolutely freak me out. Is this for Spawn? I really don’t know because I don’t keep up with his films but I am still enjoying The Renner Files. 

Taraji P. Henson’s engagement ended quietly (she mentioned it in an interview in October) and I would like to Gossip Genie her. Jamie Foxx came to mind and they are long-time friends, so maybe there’s no romantic possibility there. Taraji seems like a lot of fun though so she needs someone to match her energy, which is hard to find. Someone with spark. Everyone that comes to mind (like Bradley Cooper) seems a little too dull for her. 

Vanessa Kirby’s Oscar campaigns stars now, I guess? It’s not a subtle push. 

Ted Danson is hosting a virtual fundraiser with his friends. So many people are showing up for him (and the LA Regional Food Bank) including Woody Harrelson, Rhea Perlman, Kelsey Grammer, Kristen Bell, Jackson Harper, Bebe Neuwirth, Holly Hunter, Tina Fey – this is just a few of the names, this list is very long because he’s a delight.