Barbara Streisand was on Ellen and do you notice the different set-up? Ellen usually sits where Barbara is. That’s not even a conversation when Barbara comes to visit, is it?


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I have figured out the solution to Henry Cavill’s visibility problem – his dog! Look at this hunk. Henry needs to bring Kal everywhere with him: on junkets, to talk shows, on red carpets. He will be stopped in the streets wherever he goes. (Kal I mean, but Henry will be there too.)


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Who remembers the “Pookie” episode from the OG Law & Order? Patton and I do. Classic. A true standout.

If I’m ever accused of murder, I would totally let Josh Malina represent me. He’d give an amazing closing statement. Picture him easing out of his chair, saying “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury” while he buttons his jacket.

I follow a lot of designers and models on Instagram. Right now my feed is a relentless loop of VS Angels blowing kisses. It’s like Groundhog Day, but with bejeweled bras.


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Garden State is one of those movies that was enjoyed at the time, then went out of fashion, and has sort of redeemed itself to some. I haven’t watched it in years so I don’t know how it holds up, but I do remember Natalie Portman’s character being a manic pixie dream girl. 


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Have you watched American Wife? I haven’t and the only reviews I’ve read have been pretty negative. But Helen Hunt is directing. And Ali Wong is in it! Should I brave a few episodes?


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Emilia Clarke covers Harper’s Bazaar December/January issue. Is this the best they could do with Khaleesi? I think they were trying to get so far from the Game of Thrones aesthetic that they went in the opposite direction. It’s very pink. 


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Watch this clip of Josh Kelly’s new video directed by Katherine Heigl. It looks like a sultry Folgers commercial.


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