David Letterman appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and said he misses the fun of it all. Letterman’s current Netflix show was mentioned but there haven’t been new episodes since 2022 – not sure if it was canceled or paused because Netflix is such a black hole of content but anyway, he misses it. 


Late night hosts are not a cultural touchstone like they once were due to a bunch of factors – more channels means more late night hosts, the end-of-day news roundup isn’t part of our daily routine because most people have news beamed into their brains 24/7 via the Internet and the general pace of media consumption has changed: TV can’t catch social media trends that go viral on TikTok, X, YouTube etc. David’s time was very different – remember his on-air affair confession and the blackmail scandal? A talk show host admitting to an affair with a much younger intern would be a very different conversation today but I feel like he walked away from that without breaking a sweat. 


Oooh I like this Lana Del Rey cover, styled by Yashua Simmons. Very Americana, very bored 1960s housewife on quaaludes in the best way. 


Jack Robbins is a double nepo baby (Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins) and kind of crushed this. The “day in the life” influencer cadence is spot-on. He should do a part two and get his dad to cameo. 


We dunk on Leo a lot because it’s easy to clown on his celebrity side – the fashion week appearances and the rapping and the dance moves. But as an actor, he is solid in his work and there’s no professional rumblings about him, ever. The way he consistently shows up for Lily Gladstone for Killers of the Flower Moon and will continue to do so – even though as the big A-lister he doesn’t necessarily need to – is him putting in a little extra. It seems like he wants that Oscar nomination for her and is using his insider to draw attention to her. He’s worked with many, many A-listers and I don’t think I’ve seen him be this enthusiastic and supportive for anyone. (Besides Kate Winslet, and I think that goes back to them blowing up with Titanic together and being genuine friends.)


The F1 circus is packing up and leaving Las Vegas but you know who will still be there? Gordon Ramsay, whose name is all over the strip. Over the weekend he hosted an outdoor cooking show (I think it’s called Idiot Sandwich?) and hung out with his daughter. He and his wife Tana recently welcomed a new baby, making them a family of 8. No wonder he curses so much. 


Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s son Bronx is 15. Excuse me?!!!

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