Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez work out together at his studio in Las Vegas and Gisele Bundchen works out at TB12 Sports Therapy Center. Who would you rather work out with, Jennifer and ARod or Gisele and Tom Brady? I would probably collapse during the warm-up, so the real question is, who would I rather fall flat on my face in front of? Without a doubt, JLo and Alex. I think they’d forget about me as soon as they met me. But Gisele might turn me into a cautionary tale about wheat or something.


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I like how the peach size is adjusted to the size of their tushes.

Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy was announced by Luna, which is cute. Also interesting is that she chose yesterday to get bangs. If you’ve been following her on social media for a long time, you know she often talks about whether or not to make the commitment to bangs (and not use clip-ons). The question has tortured her. She finally went for it and I’m not really a bangs person, but I think they look great on her. And I look forward to when she grows them out and we get to hear all about it.


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I don’t believe for a second that this woman ever watched The West Wing.


Yesterday a reader wrote in to ask me about Pop Culture Died in 2009, a popular blog I sometimes reference. It has disappeared from the web – Tumblr, social media, everything. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the how and why (the good people at Pajiba break it down here). For now I will miss it and wonder about it. And hope it comes back intact. (Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler – a classic 2009 topic.)


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Did Drake really ghost Bella, or does he want us to think he ghosted her? Because if she is dealing with her ex, I don’t think she’s waiting on Drake’s text.


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