I hate to start with the throbbing asshole with jowls known as Piers Morgan, but it leads us to Ariana Grande, eventually. The thing with Piers is that he actually used to interview real celebrities – he even got to interview Beyoncé once. Then his CNN talk show was canceled so he stayed relevant by becoming the voice of “reason” for embattled 50+ white men. Piers is the uncle who says, “I’m not racist, I hate everybody equally!” or “If we have International Women’s Day, why don’t we have International Men’s Day?” thinking he’s being really clever and profound. (Many Americans might be dealing with this uncle this weekend – I hope you have an escape room.) This week, he decided to go after Ellen DeGeneres for doing a montage on her show of famous men with their shirts off, calling it “the hypocrisy of modern feminism,” then he went after Little Mix for their homage to the Dixie Chicks' famous post-scandal cover (you can see a timeline and the tweets here). Ariana’s mother Joan Grande jumped in to tell him to stop being such a trash bag and he mentioned Ariana. Even though she appears to be filming the video for "thank u, next" and even though she is way, way above his pay grade, she still took the time to torch him. She didn’t have to do this – she did it for her mom. And for us. He rang, she answered. So this weekend, when your Facebook-addicted aunt says, “If we have Black History Month, why don’t we have White History Month?” think of Ariana. She will get you through this.



A traditional Thanksgiving dinner is not a photogenic meal, so expect to see a lot of desserts on Instagram. Just another way turkey is a disappointment. 


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Reese Witherspoon commented that she’s thankful for both of them, which means Reese and Mindy Kaling hang out with their children. This is important. 


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The only time I ever hear about Jordan Rodgers is when he talks about his much more famous brother, Aaron. Which explains why he keeps talking about him.

Seems odd to put your workout mat that close to the pool, even for a photo shoot. Kind of begging to fall in, really.


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This is an odd photo to go with this caption, right? It’s a candid selfie, but she is talking about Norman Reedus. Why not use a picture of them together? They’ve walked red carpets so it’s not like they are a mystery. 


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This little thirst nugget pretending to find photos in his phone is something many of you will be grateful for.


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