Last week, I wanted to Gossip Genie Taraji P. Henson and I got several emails and tweets and here’s the thing: they all contained the same name. No joke, every single one. Many people would be very into Taraji P. Henson and Bradley Pitt (they worked together on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). Are we feeling this? It’s growing on me. 


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello had a socially-distanced anniversary party and yes Joe’s hair is blue now (for a role, I’m guessing) but I’m really focused on the food truck in the background. I’ve never had a beignet but when I do, I want a real one. (I don’t like donuts though – will this be a problem?) The ones from The Beignet Truck look very tasty. 


I’m still thinking about that George Clooney interview because when he’s on, there’s no one better at being a movie star. One thing that’s been noted is that he’s a fan of Chrissy Teigen and enjoys it when she tussles on social media, which, to me, means that George follows along with that stuff – Twitter and Instagram. He’s not totally unplugged if he knows what Chrissy Teigen is doing on social media. He’s into it. Which leads me to wonder if he has a finsta or an anonymous Twitter account?

I’m always interested in the kind of relationship celebrities have with parents who are also their ex-managers. Mathew Knowles got a piece of adidas x IVY PARK and Ms. Tina took a moment to give him a “baby daddy” shout out. As many in the comments noted, it is very gracious and mature of her. She’s really on another level.  

The Holiday checks all of the classic rom-com boxes: fish out of water experience, rebound from heartbreak, career woman who’s “too tough to love,” very nice houses, a one night stand that turns into more – and it all happens over a couple of weeks. Jude Law? Never hotter, even though he has a pretty deep tan for a guy living in England in December. 


This video of Lukas Gage is getting so much play because it’s a nightmare cringe scenario – he is doing an audition over Zoom and the director, not realizing he is unmuted, says, “These poor people live in these tiny apartments. Like, I’m looking at his background and he’s got his TV, and you know —” Obviously this is mortifying for Lukas and the director (who has a British accent) immediately apologizes and seems embarrassed about being caught. Like I said, a nightmare. It’s like talking sh-t about someone over text and accidentally sending it to the very person you are talking about. Lukas handles it so well. (Honestly, who’s looking at the TV in the background when this guy is flipping his hair in the frame?) His apartment is totally fine. It just looks like a normal apartment to me. Many people are guessing who the director is but there’s no definitive consensus. 

Trying not to burn through The Crown too quickly. I’ve watched this clip about 30 times though. It’s the “oh dear” for me.