Tiffany Haddish posted videos from Danny DeVito’s birthday party. Where is the profile on DD? He’s a legend! Remember when he showed up on The View kind of tipsy because he was drinking limoncello with George Clooney all night? This sent me down a rabbit hole– he and Rhea were friends with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. These photos give me a lot of feelings. I don’t think Danny and Rhea ever officially divorced, but I don’t know if they are still married. 


Jessica Seinfeld is promoting her new cookbook Vegan At Times (bit of a clunky name) and if you are buying books for gifts this year, hit up your local bookstore early because of shipping clusterf-cks. More about Jessica: I love her jeans. I’ve always shied away from a wide leg because I’m relatively short and I feel like I’m drowning in them, but this is exactly the look I want (every time I try I look like I’m wearing JNCO). She didn’t tag the brand but I’m determined to find them. 


I regret to inform you Chrissy Teigen is at it again in her Instagram stories, this time posting about some negative coverage she received in the Daily Mail about her eyebrow transplant. She said everyone was too “worked up” about it, but she is equally worked up. And her reacting is leading to more coverage of her. It’s a vicious cycle that can be thwarted if she stops responding to every negative story about herself. She’s not new to this and knows how it works. (I do agree with her stance on turkey though.)


Jeremy Renner has been very present in my life over the last few weeks, first through Mayor of Kingstown and with my kids planning their Hawkeye watch. Where’s the Renner aggregator when you need it. 


Gemma Chan is posting photos from the Eternals press tour and my lord, her outfits. Every single look is incredible. So where is the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians? Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina are stars. Michelle Yeoh is an icon. There’s source material from the books. The first film made a lot of money. What’s the hold up.