Whatever did (or didn’t) happen between Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith hasn’t slowed down their sponsored content commitments, which they continue here with J.Crew. The photos look good and they both posted a video from the shoot as well and there’s a lot of affection. They are actors so of course they can fake that but they’ve also shown that they won’t perform love on demand.


Big news in fashion as Alessandro Michele is leaving Gucci. His aesthetic has ushered in the new Gucci era: loud t-shirts, the bee sneakers and the cheugy G belt, along with some memorable couture looks. He’s formed a close relationship with Harry Styles and twinned with Jared Leto. He also revitalized the brand, turning it into a glamorous juggernaut worn by everyone from royalty to Real Housewives. The question now is where will he go and who will take his place?


Simu Liu kicked up quite a fuss on Twitter with his response to Quentin Tarantino’s opinion that Marvel does not make movie stars. My lukewarm take is that Tarantino is right – Marvel movies make a lot of money but that doesn’t always translate into movie stardom. For Chris Evans and Chadwick Boseman, yes. But for most others, no they are not movie stars in the traditional sense (they are not enough of a draw to get non-Marvel movies green lit, they don’t have charisma, and they make good superheroes but aren’t exceptional actors). On the flip side, some movie stars don’t shine in the Marvel model (see The Eternals). Robert Downey Jr. is both – a cornerstone of Marvel and a movie star. I do understand Simu’s point that traditional movie stardom was built to be exclusionary. It’s layered and there is room for interrogation of what makes a movie star in 2022. 


It’s American Thanksgiving which means we will be getting a lot of food photos. I understand that it’s a lot of work to make a turkey dinner but on it’s just not a photogenic meal. These 22 pies are a flex though. And she knows it!


Black Friday is tomorrow and many people will be trying to knock items off their Christmas list, which led me to the Goop gift guides. Every year they are good for an outraged headline but this year it doesn’t seem to have made the same splash. Has Gwyneth lost the ability to surprise us?


If only Jeremy Renner had an app to spread his Thanksgiving cheer. We didn’t appreciate what we had when we had it.