Amy Schumer is not exactly poking fun at Jessica Alba (who jokingly commented on this post), but she is making a point about the concept of The Honest Company, and all of the other mommy-targeted brands that use fear-based tactics to entice upper-class women into buying their products. Greenwashing (marketing a company as more sustainable and eco-friendly than it actually is) is a trend that celebrities really excel at, because women like Jessica and Gwyneth Paltrow want to tell you that they were the first ones to question what a diaper is made of, or what ingredients go in to diaper rash cream. They think that just asking the question puts them in a superior position above other parents, who are apparently bathing their babies in toxic waste. 


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Miley Cyrus has re-activated her Instagram with this post: 11/29, a broken heart and Mark Ronson. He also posted it on his feed, calling it the “heartbreak era.” Miley’s songs have always fed into her persona – "Party in the USA" was when she was breaking away from Disney but still young, "Wrecking Ball" was when she split with Liam Hemsworth, Dead Petz was when she was psychedelic and free, "Malibu" was settled down and beige – what will this era look like? Will we have to buy that she is broken-hearted from a relationship? Because that doesn’t match her personal life right now. 


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They could definitely pass for sisters.


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Sharon Stone’s dog is not here for your nonsense.


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Do you think Lea Michele is getting married on New Year’s Eve? It’s a great night for a wedding because no one ever knows what to do on New Year’s Eve and it’s a ready-made party.


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This dick facial really gave her a glow.


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This plate is too ugly to eat off of. I’m not even going to comment on the “nachos.” 


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The whole point of Edward Enninful is that, when it is his time, he won’t be Anna Wintour. She is an institution and institutions are slow to change and traditional. He is fresh and exciting. It’s also interesting to see who is supporting this – big names like Naomi Campbell, Marc Jacobs, Linda Evangelista, and Tommy Hilfiger. People seem to genuinely like and support him, rather than appease him because they are scared of his power.


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Admit it: Zac Efron is kind of giving “Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born” vibes here. 


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