I always thought it was Ther-Row. 


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How did Tiffany explain Cardi B. to Barbra? Not that I don’t think Barbra wouldn’t get it. I actually think she would appreciate Cardi B. and find her story absolutely fascinating. And where did Tiffany and Babs have this conversation? I hope it was in Barbra’s basement shopping mall. You know the one she has in her house.

I finally watched the Love You More pilot (which is on Amazon right now, and available even without a Prime membership). If it gets enough views, it will go to series. The Kevin Hart joke in the first five minutes should get it at least 3 episodes.


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Do you have a child that has recently gotten into Star Wars? I do (and I didn’t watch the movies as a kid – I know, I know). But going to the grocery store – or any store – is a landmine of BB8 paper towels and Darth Vader tea bags. Does Rey have a line of her own tampons yet?


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Yes she quickly followed up that the tweet is a joke, but I agree with the sentiment. If we are always “in the moment” how would we ever find time to fall down nostalgic gossip holes. “Connie Britton Jason Mantzoukas dated” isn’t going to Google itself!

Drew Barrymore recently returned from a long social media break. Over the weekend, she posted 15+ photos of her Dear Drew clothing line, one after another, on Instagram. It’s self-promotion, which is totally acceptable on social media. But self-promotion has to be balanced with storytelling. (For an example of someone who does it well, look at Reese Witherspoon.) Drew’s Flower Beauty is a great success, and maybe her clothing line will evolve into a powerhouse, too. But right now, the photos have no meaningful captions and no context (besides the address of the pop-up shop in New York). Dear Drew feels slapdash and I don’t know if that’s because of lack of marketing budget or tight timelines. So I wonder how much of that is Drew, and how much of that is Amazon, which just can’t seem to get fashion right.


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In her Amor, Amor video, JLo wore a Guess t-shirt. I wondered if she could bring them back (it ended up selling out). Today she announced that she’s the new face of Guess. This is how you do self-promotion. 


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