Apparently, Adam Levine is having some reservations about performing in the Super Bowl halftime show. At this point, the band should be asking what benefit, if any, the halftime show will have on their work – they are already hit makers and radio favourites, that won’t change with this performance. They are aligning themselves with a brand that is in steep decline. 


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David Beckham is being criticized for this photo with Harper. He has always kissed his kids on the lips (so does Tom Brady, who left heart comments on this photo). It’s the best thing about both of them. The only thing I’d criticize here is the AirPods. Is there any way to wear them and not look totally ridiculous?


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I read this caption and had to check on Armie Hammer’s wife, Elizabeth, who owns a bakery? And is the host of a cupcake show? I legit didn’t know. She is also friends with a lot of other celebrities – she was at Priyanka Chopra’s bachelorette weekend. How long until she branches into lifestyle?


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Speaking of lifestyle, Amy Schumer is launching a size-inclusive line with Saks Off 5th. Whenever a celebrity launches a brand, I always question if the market needs it. Reading the comments, extended sizing is very under-served customer base – so in this case, yes.


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Goop is going size-inclusive as well. Is the fashion industry finally realizing how much money there is to be made? 


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I’m not sure who keeps leaking these Sex and the City 3 plotlines, but this particular source told E! “It was a bad script” and involved Samantha getting d-ck picks from Miranda’s teenage son. This was going to be Samantha’s storyline. But why wouldn’t it be Miranda’s? Her son is the one sending unsolicited sexts. 


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This text looks so fake. Did the film’s marketing team send this to him to post? At least make it look like a conversation. 


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Why don’t Ellen’s guests ever check the side table? That’s where the scary surprise usually hides.


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