Yesterday, Erin Foster went IN on Meghan Markle in her Insta-stories (I’ve attached them below). Here’s the thing about the Foster sisters: they are snarky and elitist and privileged, and they are also funny as f-ck. They tend to hate on women who are “try hards” (I’ve seen her sister Sara comment on famewhores, too) and certain kinds of celebrity behaviour because the Fosters only abide a particular kind of famous (like their BFFs Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Meyer). Erin continued to spend the day arguing with people in her comments who were calling her mean-spirited and tone deaf. Is the Insta-story funny? Yes, in an “oh my god” kind of way. It almost seems personal, as if they knew one another (I have no idea if they’ve ever crossed paths). But as Keke Palmer would say, the gag is that the Foster sisters have had every advantage (in life and in Hollywood) and still aren’t household names, and Meghan Markle carried her Deal or No Deal briefcase into Buckingham Palace.
(Insta stories screenshots attached. Click to expand.)

These two are here to salvage the last few weeks of 2017.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are sitting for interviews and Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx still won’t walk down the damn street together.


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The Four is a new singing competition (famous judges include Diddy, DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor). Fergie will host. I think I’d prefer to see her as a judge, but overall it’s a good move. Fergie is still famous, even if her music isn’t moving quite like it used to. Moving to a TV singing competition feels like a natural progression at this point.


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I love Amy Sedaris and absolutely love this piece by Scaachi Koul. About Amy’s new show, she writes, “Tonally, it’s like if Twin Peaks were on TLC.” In a time when “weirdness” has been co-opted as a shorthand for supermodels wearing glasses, it’s amazing to see true weirdness at work.


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I have to disagree with Jenny Slate that tucking a sweater into pants is “not done” – it’s a favourite of street style stars. My question is how the f-ck do you get a cableknit sweater into the waist of your jeans? I can barely get a thumb in there.

I need to know who Oprah gave an extra Thanksgiving turkey to and why. Does anyone know Oprah’s neighbour? This mystery is keeping me up at night.


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