I love the Johnsons, but you know what’s always really bothered me about black-ish? Dre is horrible to Junior, to the point that I think that’s why he and Bow should have separated. I just don’t see her putting up with him talking to and treating their child in that way. Judging by social media, it seems other fans feel that way too. Is their relationship changing though?


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Jessica Chastain became a mom very recently, but I had to double-check to be sure because the news cycle is moving so fast, I couldn’t quite remember the details. It barely made a blip and I’m sure that’s what she prefers. I see Jessica as having a strategy like Kerry Washington, who is very famous, very fashionable, active on social media, and completely private in her family life. 


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Very strong resemblance between Nicole and her niece Lucia Hawley here, right? Nicole is very private about all of her children but seems comfortable bringing Lucia and posting about her on social media so I’m wondering if there are other factors at play. Maybe Lucia wants to be a performer, too?


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We can assume that in keeping with the last few years, Beyoncé will not give any interviews for the new Lion King movie. But that’s OK: Billy Eichner is answering all of the tough questions. 


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I wonder if Doug Elin, the creator of Entourage, was familiar with The Daily Caller before he posted this. (It was founded by Tucker Carlson and skews alt-right.) Of course it named Entourage “one of the greatest shows ever made.” Vinnie Chase, bro. 


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Oh and look for Gwyneth’s new cookbook The Clean Plate, which reportedly feature 10 cleanses and will be released in January just in time for “new year, new you” season.


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