Because it is Thanksgiving in the US, there’s a lot of social media posts about food. It’s too bad that turkey is the weakest main dish possible. I have heard the arguments for smoking it, deep frying it, brining it, shooting it from a cannon ball into a vat of butter, but the end result is the same. Turkey doesn’t have the range. Remember a few years ago, when the celebrity lifestyle trend really took hold, and actresses were into roast chickens, and talking about making roast chickens – Gwyneth was on that kick for a while, and so was Jessica Alba. They all wanted to share their roast chicken recipes. Spatchcock chicken is where it’s at now and it’s a far superior way to cook a bird. Maybe that’s what Lady Gaga did for her turkey, to counteract the dryness?

Wonder what Ron thought of the clown.


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50 Shades of Spray Tan. 


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There’s context to these enchiladas: Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston spend Friendsgiving together, and she serves a full turkey dinner.

He said that he then, the next day, cooks a Thanksgiving meal for some of the same people, making his dishes more like leftovers. So he suggested Mexican. This is… not a bad idea. 


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No one wants to eat yogurt when they have strep throat. 


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Disney is really working Olaf to death.


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Is that Josh Hartnett in front? Josh does not have a verified Instagram account that I could find. He needs to get on that, it would be good for his profile. It’s done wonders for Orlando Bloom.


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Teenage Adam Scott looks like he’s in a John Hughes movie, in a perfect way. We have all collectively decided Bill Hader is hot, but what about Adam Scott? Something to consider in 2020 guys.


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Out of the newer celebrity couples, who is spending Thanksgiving together: Shawn and Camila? Pete and Kaia? Halsey and Evan Peters? Brad and Alia? Oh wait, they’re just friends! (My guess is yes, no, yes, yes.)


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