I’m halfway through the final season of Dead to Me and the show has always been centered around Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini’s friendship. James Marsden is a supporting character but he does an excellent job at that part. People always lament that he’s not a movie star but in a way, he has the best kind of stardom. He works a lot, he’s not bothered by paparazzi and he doesn’t have a destructive fandom. 


Because of The Crown, there’s a spike in interest around Princess Diana’s final days in the royal family. This will happen again when Prince Harry releases his memoir. There’s a general obsession with her image ‑ what she meant to England and what her life symbolizes. This tweet sums up a lot of the ickiness that comes with constant imitation and picking apart of her life and death. It’s becoming harder and harder to discern the real woman from the stories people tell about her.


Minka Kelly and Dan Reynolds (from Imagine Dragons) were recently spotted together and there was a blind item about him dating an actress but most of the guesses were wrong (the most popular guess was Julianne Hough). Dan recently announced his split (for a second time) from his wife and Minka has been in a seemingly similar situation when she dated Jesse Williams right after he announced his split from his wife. Seems like it would be a dramatic time in a person’s life. 


PEOPLE interviewed Sailor Brinkley-Cook about her mom’s closet and there’s clearly a nepo-baby play at work here. A quick look at her Instagram led me to her candle line, Sacred Divine, which combines candles with an “angel number.” (I had to Google that phrase.) And if anyone ever doubts that a “foot in the door” is not that important, how many candle company CEOs get a spot on The Today Show?


To answer Reese Witherspoon’s question, it’s not too soon because Mariah Carey officially kicked off her season. It doesn’t matter what the calendar says.