In 2015, I wrote a review of Grey, which is Fifty Shades from Christian’s perspective. The next installment, Darker, is coming out soon. I think at this point, I’m qualified to judge a book by its cover. And this cover is terrible.


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An interesting TBT choice, considering this. Laura dated Danny’s brother for years and all of them are Scientologists. They aren’t subtle.


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Earlier today, Lainey wrote about Leo’s Halloween. I noticed this photo by Scott Eastwood and I swear that is Leo’s security guard, Reza Roohi (I’ve seen him, once, at a club in Vegas). So does this mean that Scott is a joining the Wolf Pack? Seems like a natural fit.

Diane Kruger for Vogue Germany. Feathers, sequins, beads and sheerness. I thought it might be a flashblack Friday from three years ago but no, it’s December 2017. Boring. And considering how much steeze she used to have, a wasted styling opportunity.


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The Rock commented below Kevin’s caption, “Let’s do it! But please write your ass out of it.” I love that Kevin Hart is the only person in the world that Dwayne publicly makes fun of.

Besides Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin has been Justin Bieber’s most significant romantic relationship, right? They were off-on for a while. He has said publicly that he loves her but couldn’t commit. So now that he has recommitted himself to Selena, I wonder how Hailey sees the situation.


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This cover is simple and effective, letting Pedro Pascal and his great trench coat do all the work. What else do you need? He’s fine as f-ck.


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