Maria’s away the next couple of days so you get me for celebrity social media. And it’s almost like Idris Elba knew I was pinch-hitting and came through. 


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Scott Eastwood is getting paid by All Nippon Airways. So it’s a brand partnership. Which is fine. Many celebrities endorse many companies and products. But even for a brand partnership, he couldn’t get someone to double-check his spelling and grammar? Why am I even fussing about this? It’s Scott Eastwood. The company, I assume, knew what they were in for. 


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Ohhhhh…I get it. It was a tree lighting. And Gwen Stefani’s dress was inspired by trees. Please note, it’s not an upside down tree. Which, again, is the stupidest Christmas tree idea of the idea. A white tree is better than an upside down tree. As for the tree lighting itself, I can’t help but think of Mimi. Who is the angel of Christmas and should show up any time a Christmas tree is lit. That said, because Mimi wasn’t there, the event probably started on time.


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I think Hugh Jackman ordered a pear martini? And it was painstakingly prepared for him at the bar. And it’s only noon right now where I am but I can almost smell it. I haven’t had a cocktail in… I can’t remember. I think I might need to have one tonight. Am going to a Christmas concert. Seems fitting?


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Did you hear about The Weeknd deleting all traces of Selena Gomez from his Instagram? What is the benefit of this? He deletes her, we know about it, and… we’re supposed to think he’s super cool? Or do we actually think he’s petty AF? If the goal was to show that he’s petty AF, the job is done. 


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Serena Williams is still on her honeymoon, enjoying the beach, and taking advantage of a great lighting moment. Gorgeous photo. Not crazy about the swimsuit though. Also her husband made her a beignet. Not that I would ever complain if my husband ever made me one but … did he overdo it on the icing sugar? 


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