Rami Malek continues to gain momentum for an Oscar nomination. RDJ is a very seasoned pro, and he’s making a very public show of support here. It always helps to have friends like RDJ (even if he doesn’t know how to use hashtags). 


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Derek Blasberg continues to add to YouTube – this time it’s Naomi Campbell. Naomi is great on TV, especially Watch What Happens Live. And The Face was underrated. 


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Despite Lena Dunham confirming that she and Jenni Konner had a personal and professional separation, Lenny lives. Kind of? And they are both promoting it but still don’t follow one another on Instagram. 


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New rule: every social media sighting of Dolly Parton will be reposted in anticipation of Dumplin’. 


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Because 2018 is a never-ending parade of nonsense, Kid Rock went on Fox to talk about politics and in the course of that discussion called Joy Behar a bitch. Do you think he puts on The View and yells at the TV? He definitely does. 


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Noah Centino commented on this “Bahhhhh she’s gorgeous.” Just this one little comment has made headlines, so imagine a date? Even a mild Instagram flirtation – all she’d have to do is like one of his photos! Lainey said it before and I will say it again: this would be great for gossip.   


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If we can’t Gossip Genie Noah and Selena, may I humbly suggest Shawn Mendes. Imagine that. 


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