Patti LuPone is a Broadway legend and absolute force. Other actors revere her, which is why she’s constantly asked to guest star on TV shows. She’s been unhappy with Broadway for a long time and in a new interview with Hilary Clinton, says she doubts she will return to the circus. She likens Broadway to Las Vegas or Disneyland and my interpretation is that those in power (the producers) need volume. Lots of people, which means lots of tourists. 


In an interview with the Toronto Star, she exclaimed “The lowest common denominator! Outrageously expensive! They are not producing things for people to be challenged … people are just going to see what they know.“ Patti is currently on tour and I would absolutely pay to hear her sing and tell stories, but I would pay even more to hear her talk about Broadway for an hour or two. 


The writers’ strike obviously delayed production on many shows and for shows that take a long break between seasons (usually prestige, hour long dramas), the time between seasons will stretch even longer. Euphoria was renewed in early 2022 for a 2025 release because it takes a long time to film (Colman Domingo said each episode could take up to a month to film, and Fisher Stevens said the same thing about Succession). Circumstances have changed since the renewal, though, and after the death of Angus Cloud and so much controversy coming off The Idol set, will Euphoria ever see its third season? Can the actors and crew do it again? 


Sarah wrote about Julia Roberts’s “scroll down surprise” this morning and it was a jump scare for me. What are thooooooose? But after a few minutes of confusion I have come around like Sarah did. I actually think these would look dynamite with ankle-length jeans. She was styled by her long-time collaborator Elizabeth Stewart. I think the more shocking thing here is that Julia has bangs. And they look like real bangs, not clip on.


The Daily Mail is reporting that TNT visited the Mahomes. This foursome is another relationship that’s blossoming and it subtly proves something about Taylor. Many people thought she’d be upset or “ban Brittany” from being near her because of the Mahomes SKIMS campaign but clearly Taylor is unbothered, as she should be. Unbothered is a great look on her. And if we take out the celebrity aspect, TNT making the trek to the Mahomes' makes sense because of the kids – they can play and mess up their own space with fingerprints and toys while the adults socialize.