Instagram’s algorithm is all kinds of f-cked up, which is why I’m consistently getting posts about voting and staying in line three days after the election. It’s too late to vote, but Instagram hasn’t figured this out, and I think this will be the death of this particular platform. No one wants old news, especially now! But with that being said, it did remind me that Eminem put out a last-minute endorsement for Biden/Harris and everyone is talking about Michigan.


Two celebrities that have steered clear of any and all election talk but still managed to stay in the headlines: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. PEOPLE is reporting that they will have a small-ish wedding and she was surprised by the proposal. They have a solid relationship with PEOPLE so it’s much more reliable info than from US Weekly, which has gotten it wrong a few times with these two.

Second day in a row with a Charlie Hunnam story: he said he would be open to playing James Bond (but thinks Tom Hardy is the frontrunner). I don’t know a lot about the Bond franchise but I do know it takes an extreme commitment - Daniel Craig has been doing it for 15 years. Could Charlie do it? He’s handsome, he’s fit, he’s got the accent. But it’s the commitment I would worry about if I were a studio executive. This isn’t a franchise you can just drop out of a month before filming because you are no longer feeling it. 


Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are in talks for a Wedding Crashers sequel. Sure, why not? I don’t know if the supporting cast (Rachel McAdams, Christopher Walken, Isla Fisher) would be involved. Remember Bradley Cooper as the perfect WASP-y asshole, Sack Lodge? It would be hard to get that lineup again. What are they crashing now, Zoom meetings? 

What are all the celebrities going to do with their Vote merch? (Let’s be real, the sentiment is great but the execution is ugly.) Storing these boots for four years would be a hassle.


There was a small story in Us Weekly and on Page Six about Garrett Hedlund getting a DUI and going to rehab, with quotes from his rep. Obviously, this would be incredibly stressful for him and for Emma Roberts (who is pregnant). The statement is very cut-and-dry, a good PR strategy when there’s a personal issue like this. What’s interesting here is that TMZ, which always has the jump on celebrity legal issues, didn’t ever post about his arrest. If it was never going to get out, there would be no reason for them to volunteer this information. It’s not coincidental that Us and Page Six posted at almost exactly the same time. Was it a deliberate leak or did someone sell them out? 

Can we fast forward to the making out in the rain moment.