There’s an update on the Will & Grace social media merry-go-round. Based on follow/unfollow patterns, there was speculation that Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally were not on good terms. These photos, a post and a repost, quash that, right? It seems fine. 


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Leonardo DiCaprio was the co-host of the LACMA Art + Film Gala, which is sponsored by Gucci. He doesn’t work the red carpet though; as The Hollywood Reporter notes, he ducks in a side door. Very effective hosting.

Gucci, as a sponsor, is obviously very well-represented. Brie Larson, Ava DuVernay, Salma Hayek, Billie Eilish, Yara Shahidi, Laura Dern, Regina King, Greta Gerwig, Zoe Saldana, and Sienna Miller wore the brand. Camila Morrone, Leo’s bonafide, wore Carolina Herrera, per her Instagram tags. I’m extremely curious to know how this gown situation worked – did she not want to wear Gucci? Were the options 3rd tier? How, as the guest of the host, did she not secure a dress?


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Wait, A Million Little Pieces is being released in theatres and on-demand at the same time? Is it still considered in contention for awards? The December date tells me yes, but the roll-out and the marketing (which seems pretty muted, I’ve seen the same poster over and over) tells me no.


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T.I.’s hymen-gate continues, with an apology from the podcast hosts. I completely understand their perspective: consider the power dynamic with interviewing a celebrity, and the shock of hearing a man talk about his daughter’s hymen.

In a perfect world, a perfect host would have an immediate, strong response, but who is prepared for this conversation? It’s understandable that their first reaction was discomfort, and that came out in laughter. Also, T.I. checks on his daughter’s hymen, so I feel like the apology train is not on the right track here.


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Rainn Wilson’s texts could be in character from Dwight – especially the “must be male” bit. How hard is NBC trying to find a way to reboot this show? How often does it come up in meetings? I would guess a lot. The Office is so popular on streaming. But what if instead of a reboot, it was a spin-off? Rainn Wilson filmed a backdoor pilot called The Farm (which is available as an episode of The Office) that didn’t get picked up. Do you think there’s an executive regretting that decision?


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