The LACMA Art + Film Gala always draws an A-list crowd and Leonardo DiCaprio is there most years, it’s his crowd. Have you seen the clip going around on social media from the event this weekend? It’s Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, leaning into her conversation with Leo – some would say it’s flirty. I’m not a lip reader but it looks like Leo is giving them the brush-off, something about five minutes? And as we all, know Lauren (who is 51) is about 30 years out of Leo’s preferred age range. But that’s the power of movie stars, right? They make people believe in magic! 


Sofia Vergara has partnered with Netflix on a Griselda Blanco production (alongside the team behind Narcos). Griselda’s story has never gotten the series it deserves – she is mentioned in documentaries (and there was a laughable Lifetime movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones) but this woman was as powerful and feared as Pablo Escobar. She also outlived a lot of her drug cartel contemporaries. Her story is so fascinating and unbelievable I wonder how they will fit it all in. 


I want to review Love Hard, but only the first hour because it was so aggressively awful I turned it off. The lead girlboss has a middle part and wears glasses but only at work because she’s a SERIOUS JOURNALIST. She writes one column and lives in a huge apartment. Her boss flies across the country to check on her deadline. But you know she’s quirky because she’s allergic to kiwi. It’s a mess of every bad rom-com cliché stuffed into a Hallmark holiday movie formula. It was quite a journey. 


Last week I wrote about David Chase’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter and how he seemingly confirmed that Tony died at the end of The Sopranos. But wait… now he says he did not confirm that, so we are back to guessing. I don’t think this helps his goal of not talking about it anymore.


Paris Hilton has been engaged four times, I think? But it stuck this time and looks like she will be getting married very soon. It will be covered by a reality TV series on Peacock, and her mom Kathy is currently a breakout star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo productions and Peacock are intertwined). Kathy’s timing on joining isn’t a coincidence. Neither is her “kooky eccentric rich lady” schtick.