Vogue is suing Drake and 21 Savage over their fake cover, which was part of a satirical press junket. But apparently the Instagram post isn’t the end of it as their teams sent out a public relations blast about the “cover” and is allegedly going to hand out physical copies, per TMZ. After asking him to take it down with no response, Condé Nast is taking it to court. 


I came out wrong and strong with my SMA predictions: Ryan Gosling, Oscar Isaac or Keanu Reeves. It’s Chris Evans and as Lainey wrote this morning, this is a long-time-coming choice. No one is going to fight about this choice. But sometimes it’s fun to fight about it.


The worst kind of reporting is happening right now about Aaron Carter, who after years of public struggles passed away over the weekend. I loathe this style of reporting, it’s cheap. It doesn’t matter if it’s an A-list star (like Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson) or someone who has fallen out of the headlines, it’s never done with sensitivity. It goes back even further than that to Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Even when it’s done “respectfully” (like the Rolling Stone article about Taylor Hawkins), there’s an exploitive element to it. It’s all about finding a salacious, gotcha moment. Although there’s been a lot of talk about the change in celebrity coverage since the early 2000s, the way death is handled hasn’t really changed. Hilary Duff, who famously dated Aaron in their teens, put out a statement on Instagram that is short, genuine and sweet. 


Twitter is circling the drain (but still kind of entertaining) and there’s been talk of other places to meet up but I know that TikTok is not for most of us. We can watch it but people are making full TV scenes on there, like this brilliant parody of the Kardashians. This is specialized, scripted content.


Self discovery but it’s the #kardashians #astrology

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I missed Rebel Wilson’s engagement (which is fine, because she told PEOPLE she is not engaged) but there is still big news with the announcement of her daughter, Royce Lillian. The little newborn pose is so cute. Look at her unicorn booties. 


Shakira is moving to Miami with her children in a custody agreement worked out with her ex Gerard Piqué. This is huge as she can move closer to her family and she can leave Spain, where she is facing charges for tax evasion. This was not an easy split but after twelve hours of negotiation (according to TMZ), Gerard agreed to this arrangement so her lawyers definitely did their job.