Derek Blasberg and Gwyneth Paltrow posted the same photo they took with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, but GP cropped Derek out. I love politics!


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend rode around the streets on Saturday in celebration. Like her, I also look forward to Instagram going back to some level of absurdity and nonsense on social media. Bring back the thirst traps!

Zac Efron is still in Australia and is working on a production there for a streaming service. It’s like we traded him for a Hemsworth, a straight trade. 


Speaking of the Hemsworths, the Daily Mail ran a kind of an odd story that Chris Hemsworth skipped his brother Luke’s 40th birthday (but Elsa Pataky was there), sort of implying there’s a rift, even though there’s clearly no rift. What is the DM playing at? It’s not just sloppy, it’s glaringly wrong.

The Rock backed a winner early on and he’s gracious about it, while letting everyone know he won. 


You know what could come back now? Nerd prom. Sarah Cooper should get a spot. 

Back in 2019, The Cut ran an important investigation, “Why Does Everyone Want Their Crush to Run Them Over?”. I miss this energy, which is why I’m throwing it back a couple of months to Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) who is willing to hit someone with his car or step on someone’s neck with his Crocs, but wants to work out the logistics (insurance, damages, hospital bills). “Let’s figure it out because I want to help.” It’s like a public service.