As Lainey mentioned this morning in her intro, there’s a stream of Bieber wedding shots being posted on social media. In terms of a specific wedding-day accessory, this leather jacket is too tasteful to be seared into our collective memory like the “Pimp” and “Maids” tracksuits once were. I don’t even need to tell you who wore those, do I? It’s gossip history.  Hailey’s jacket, with “Wife” bedazzled on the back, reminds me of something else though – Madonna in a “Mrs. Ritchie” Stella McCartney blazer at the premiere of Snatch


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Did you see what happened at the Chanel show in Paris? There was a runway crasher! In the first video by Vanessa Friedman, the camera briefly catches Anna Wintour, who is actually smiling (and maybe even laughing) at the situation. The guard couldn’t quite catch up to the crasher on the catwalk, so Gigi Hadid took it upon herself to step in. She’s pretty smooth about it. She first tries to walk the woman off and then it looks like there’s a little jostling and the other models crowd around. It’s a great look for Gigi – protecting her fellow models, taking control of the situation like a grownup. This is the show everyone will be talking about this week, so even Chanel wins.



There’s another Bachelor person mixing with a real celebrity – this time it’s Mike Johnson (who?) and Demi Lovato. Mike is running around telling everyone that Demi is a good kisser. Great way to get yourself ghosted, my dude. 


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This is Rob Lowe’s dad at 80. It’s not really surprising that he looks good, because Rob’s genes must come from somewhere. Not that I think it’s all genetics – my guess is it’s a combo of that, some very subtle and judicious work, a lot of discipline with diet and exercise. Rob’s son Johnny (whose favourite pastime is roasting his dad on Instagram) says “IG effects.” 


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Kaley Cuoco asking Gary Janetti if she should sign his book is much funnier than I just made it sound. (Kaley is styled by Gary’s husband, Brad Goreski, who has put her in some great outfits in the last year.)


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Ryan Tedder started a whole Internet thing when he said Coldplay, Beyoncé and Adele were collaborating, but now he says he was joking. The reason that it didn’t initially play as a joke is because he has worked with Beyoncé (co-wrote "Halo" and contributed to "XO") and Adele (co-wrote "Rumour Has It"), so it’s not like it is totally completely random. And maybe he is/was working with them, and let it slip, and now he’s backtracking?