Oh hey some asshat on social media tried to argue about Indiana Jones’s costume with THE COSTUME DESIGNER FROM INDIANA JONES. “Stanley, you have got to be kidding” is my the new “Bye, Felicia.”

Ava knows her angles, nothing wrong with that. They should be thanking her for the pointers.

It’s hard to believe Hilary Swank and Helena Bonham Carter have anything similar in their closets.

I didn’t know makeup masks are a thing?! I was so fascinated I found some on Amazon. Only 5 bucks.


Makeup masks at photo shoots are when I come alive

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Jared Leto is going to be wearing this tomorrow.


#tbt to 70s magic for a special something that’s coming your way tomorrow...

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While Ben is on a very bad run, Jennifer Garner is beekeeping. With puns! 


@onceuponafarm needs fresh fruit, and fresh fruit need BEES! 🐝 Meet my new coworkers, they are bizzzzzy! #icrackmyselfup

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If YouTube could teach me how to rough-hem my jeans (all you need is chalk and scissors), anything is possible.