As Lainey wrote earlier today, Twitter has reinstated Rose McGowan’s account. Still, many notable Twitter users have complained about the near-constant harassment and threats they face on the platform. Twitter’s response has been… to raise the character count to 240. So #womenboycotttwitter is happening today. Many people are participating and if you are one of them, I pulled these links from before the boycott began last night so you are still abstaining.
Quentin speaks (through Amber Tamblyn). This is not a random choice.

There’s something very specific about Beyoncé’s aesthetic right now and I feel like she’s trying to tell us something. But it’s Beyoncé, so we won’t really have a clue what it is until she decides to tell us. Or show us.


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So much of social media is dire right now and this gave me a chuckle. Live your best life, John Mayer.

I always joke that there are only 3 of us that care about Dave Grohl, but every time I post about him, I hear from a few more people. And the Gallagher brothers? I’ve never gotten more tweets and emails about any other celebrity. Noel has new music out, which prompted Liam to call him a “tofu face peeler Botox royalist.” Noel seems genuinely infuriated about Liam’s comments on his appearance at the Manchester benefit concert. They haven’t spoken directly in years. But to take us into the weekend, Noel and Dave Grohl, courtesy of Juliette Lewis (with a cameo by Pink). And a note on Dave’s relationship to the brothers: he’s friendly with both of them. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard Liam call Dave a c-nt. (The worst he has said is that Dave works too hard and ruins it for other rock stars). Could Dave, who went through a very long and public feud with Courtney Love, bring the brothers together? And how long would it last before someone throws a chair?