Subtext: we are going to be the Fast Flames that last. 


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Do you think Britney Spears included Selena Gomez in her workout on purpose? I don’t know how much or how little Brit gets the entertainment headlines, but I think it was intentional. There are similarities in their stories. Britney is probably one of the few people who can really empathize with Selena’s situation.


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I really hate to give any energy to the ass boil that is Piers Morgan, but the idea that a man carrying (and caring for) his child is emasculating is not just toxic but also completely misguided and nonsensical. Men with babies and/or puppies are swooned over. It’s easy to understand why that would be a foreign concept to Piers, who is revolting in every metric we use to measure a man in 2018. 

I like the family math on a “dog nephew.” I have a dog nephew, Leo. He’s really naughty.


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Cazzie David has to lay low on social media for a minute because anything she posts in the next little bit will be twisted into a “response” to the Pete and Ariana break-up. But I’m going to pre-emptively defend Cazzie here – she has not been petty, not at all. She won’t start now. I don’t know what kind of superhuman strength that takes, but she has it. 


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The Weeknd threw a surprise dinner party for Bella Hadid’s birthday last week and she just put this up on Instagram, making her reconciliation with The Weeknd officially official. 


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Chilling and accurate. 


Tara Reid, who was removed from a flight after complaining about her seat and a pillow. I do not understand this. The pillows are small and always gross me out. Who wants to get off a plane, with baggage, then rebook and wait for another flight? That’s such a hassle.


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Lots of things are bad right now but Amy Sedaris wearing a pink pom-pom sweater and hanging out with Maya Rudolph is pretty nice. 


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