Confession: I accidentally called Paul Mescal British, just once! (He’s IRISH). The good people of Ireland handed me my ass, deservedly so. His Gucci campaign is fine as f-ck. Let’s be a little petty though: do you think Harry Styles feels a kind of way? He’s been Gucci’s number one boy for a while now.


If Olivia Wilde starts dating Paul, I will throw her a party.

I don’t regularly watch WWHL but Kristen Stewart (yes, that Kristen Stewart) is going to be on with Jenna Kramer, who I only know from headlines about her oversharing about her life. Tell me what other show would book these two on the same night? I’m a little disappointed that Kristen won’t be on with a Housewife though. Imagine Kristen and Ramona.


A lot of people are eye-rolling Jada Pinkett-Smith but can I tell you something? I love a kooky, oversharing celeb like her because she has the career to back it up. She’s been in movies for decades, she knows everyone, she is part of the pop culture conversation. She has earned the oversharing, in my opinion. When Demi Moore wrote about overdosing or Jessica Simpson about being a recovering alcoholic, they got a lot of praise for their candidness. Jada is offering an insight into an A-list Hollywood marriage and people are giving her flack. WHY? I would bet a lot of money that Jada and Will are not outliers in the way they maintained their public relationship. 


Love a hood, very dramatic. The strapless bra with a hood must be uncomfortable but looks amazing in photos, which Lucy Hale knows. This is YSL.


Did anyone else finish Only Murders in the Building this weekend? I did and did not love the ending. It seemed redundant. That said, the apartments are still the star of the show – there’s an apartment at the real building listed for $11.4 million. Could use more wallpaper at that price.


The Afterparty has been cancelled at Apple. EXCUSE ME? OK season two was not as strong as season one but I’m sure season three would have bounced back. I’m peeved. It’s Apple, why do they even need to cancel TV shows? They have more money than God. A week of iPhone cord sales would probably cover an entire season’s budget.