There are some new pap photos of Halle Bailey circulating that I won’t link to, because if she wanted us to know, she would tell us!


Killers of the Flower Moon is coming out and because of the strike, Leonardo DiCaprio won’t be promoting it as an actor, though he is a producer through Appian Way Productions so he could show up in that capacity, I think? Leo is never the most exciting person on a junket but he shows up for Martin Scorsese, every single time. Nearly every famous actor has done a superhero movie but Leo is a holdout and I wonder if this has been a conversation between the muse and the director. I don’t think Leo would ever fill his schedule up with Marvel commitments as long as Marty is making movies. And let’s be real, Leo is not packing his calendar with green screen shoots. Two movies a year, tops. He needs his downtime! And it’s not even Leo that I really want to see, it’s Lily Gladstone.  Sarah wrote about the Killers of the Flower Moon red carpet in New York here.


Adele is not shy about Rich Paul but the book gets the second slide. She knows how snatched she looks in the first photo so she led with that. 


Not to shock anyone, but here’s a video of Seth Rogen smoking weed. 


Nelly and Ashanti are officially Instagram official and he wrote a sweet comment but I could have done without the “ya.” Do you see what I’m seeing? “I love ya” has a different meaning than “I love you.” They are very cute together so that’s why I point it out -  I care.