Jeremy Renner has a very passionate fanbase. Like, Twihard-level passionate. Last March, I wrote about his new app, mostly because I was genuinely befuddled about a need for a Jeremy Renner app. What an innocent time. What I didn’t (and couldn’t) know then was that the app would descend into civil war with several factions fighting for access, contests and “boosts” with accusations of bullying, censorship and contest rigging. For more, I highly recommend Kate Knibbs, who bravely dived into a pool Rennerinos for this story in The Ringer.


Come on Monday.... ready for you. Lol #daybyday #feelingblessed #embracingfall #doinglaundry #🤓

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Charlyne Yi Tweeted about an encounter she had with David Cross (Amber Tamblyn’s husband) 10 years ago. Here’s the thing: David Cross was already comedy-famous, so I understand why he might not fully remember the initial meeting. And on the flip side, I understand why Charlyne would remember every moment of it. Think about being 20 and meeting someone in your field, someone well-respected and successful, and that person makes fun of your clothing. Or makes a comment about your race and uses a fake, stereotypical accent. That sticks.

About Beyoncé’s bag: it’s Alexander Wang x Judith Liber. Only 20 were made and at $5 grand, quickly sold out. Obviously this is a prestige purchase and that isn’t meant to be practical, but this is particularly unusable because it looks like it wouldn’t fit a phone. With 3 kids at home, Bey definitely wouldn’t go out without a phone, so she’d have to have her assistant carry it. Is that Sam Greenberg? Is she still her assistant?


SECURE THE BAG. 🙌🏽🙌🏽😍😩😍😩😍

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What better way to celebrate a night when children go door-to-door asking strangers for candy than a Michael Jackson musical.