Sarah Snook covers Vogue Australia and Town & Country this month and both covers are spectacular but I really love the way Vogue used pink and red. Growing up in the 80s, it was a fashion rule that pink and red clash and shouldn’t be worn together. We’ve discarded that, right? If you didn’t catch Succession last night, I won’t spoil anything for you here but I am working on my weekly power rankings, which will go up this week. 


Sean Penn and Leila George quietly got married (he said it was with a county commissioner over Zoom with just his children and her brother present) and a year later, she’s filed for divorce. It’s also pretty quiet. But what’s interesting is that in September she posted a photo with CORE CEO and co-founder Ann Lee from a fundraiser. CORE’s other co-founder is of course Sean Penn and he is the public face of the company. So about a month ago, Leila was still attending events to support him. Does this mean that it’s a sudden breakup or a friendly breakup? It could be either but Sean typically doesn’t do conscious uncoupling. Maybe that’s changed? 


When Linda Evangelista first dropped her cosmetic enhancement injury bombshell on Instagram, I wondered if a NYT story was in the works. The story has now dropped (but I haven’t had a chance to read it because my NYT login hates me). This is a conversation that is fairly new, like Marc Jacobs charting his facelift recovery. I always wonder about breast augmentation on celebrities because it’s an extremely common surgery (that we are supposed to pretend isn’t common) and I know people who’ve had reductions, lifts, and implants and the recovery seems painful! And can take up to six weeks to fully heal. How are all these celebrities finding downtime to rest their breasts?


Oh this is interesting: Jessica Simpson and her mom Tina have regained full ownership of her fashion brand after their brand partner Sequential Brands Group Inc. filed for bankruptcy (Sequential bought its ownership shares from Camuto Group). It’s been a very rocky road for a mid-level brand like Jessica’s because its model is dependent on bricks-and-mortar department store space and it’s not luxury but not quite the prices of fast fashion brands like H&M or Zara, either. That said, Jessica has said that no one but Vince Camuto (who passed away in 2015) saw the potential in the brand and as we know, she’s outlasted and outsold so many retailers and brands and vanity clothing lines. She has complete control and she understands her customer base. (I would guess she’s probably turned down offers from investment groups who want in on her brand because she doesn’t need them.)