JUST GOOGLE IT. (Oh and now is a good time to remember that in 2012, Warwick supposedly spoke about Aretha at Whitney’s funeral and years later, Aretha responded with a 5-page fax.)

Do Casper mattresses constantly pop up in your Instagram feed? Ashton Kutcher is an investor (have you heard? He invests in start-ups.) When you have some time this week, I’d highly recommend this story on mattress blogger wars in Fast Company. It’s wild.


I always dreamed of being in the #mitmedialab but to get the tour from these two. #nextlevel

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“Kate Hudson on love & happiness.” We talked about this just this week – being happy is now a big part of Kate Hudson’s job. As entertainment stories get heavier and darker, she is getting lighter.

You know how we sometimes mention the subset of Twihards who think Rob and Kristen are married and have two (or maybe three?) children they are raising in LA. Well there’s a new group in town: a few Robhards think that he and FKA twigs have pretended to break up because she is pregnant and they want their privacy. Please don’t ask me to explain the logic behind this, I can’t.


amethyst is connected with the crown chakra (sahasrara) and can assist with our quest for enlightenment <3

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Months ago, the LG team had an email chain going for Ansel Elgort’s music video. I made it to 1:30. But I did watch a topless Ansel cutting and serving a roast chicken. Progress?


A bird for two hungry love birds. @violetta

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