Henry Golding knew exactly what was doing with this photo. 


Will and Jada get a lot of flack for oversharing and yet I hear very little complaints about Ozzy Osbourne peeing his pants and Sharon’s Ozempic use. The Osbournes get so many headlines and it’s not without effort that we know a lot about them, even if we don’t try to. 


TMZ is compiling receipts on Sophia Bush’s and Ashlyn Harris’s relationship, particularly a trip to France that the two were on together. I expect a full court press here in terms of PR because Sophia is very protective of her reputation. There might even be a statement made. Let’s see how this plays out.


So many Scandal co-stars are showing up for Kerry Washington, which really says a lot about her. This week it’s Papa Pope. Remember that first season twist? Appointment television!


Thanks to Victoria Beckham, it’s WAG season and Colleen Rooney has her own documentary coming out on Disney+. And we should also thank journalist Dan Atkinson who came up with the term Wagatha Christie.


I agree with Lainey’s assessment that JT needs to step back, way back, from the Britney book on social media. The algorithm is so messed up (on Instagram) and X has been driven into the ground and is essentially unusable and irrelevant, so Justin is actually LUCKY the book came out now. Ironically, bots would make the posts more visible because of all the activity. Not engaging is the way to go because comments and hashtags are not even searchable. Britney will sometimes turn her own comments off as well. As Lainey pointed out this morning, we are at the start of the press cycle, we don’t even know what is still to come so if this is the worst of it for him, I think the revelations are not knock-down shocking for two young people. There’s also a chance things will level out on social media if he has patience: many of the people in his comments are obsessive anti-choicers and the generation that cares about this pop culture story will not be down with that rhetoric. 


Desperate times for UK tabloids as the reports around Meghan Markle are reaching ChatGPT level of absurdity. The latest from the Mirror is that Harry and Meghan are going to work with Kris Jenner. Meghan might make a cameo on The Kardashians. LOL.