Is there a neutralizer for too much perfume? This would actually be a great product to sell alongside fragrances for when a person wants to take back a pump.

I’m posting this Scott Eastwood video because it also features Charlie Day. “You wore your wet suit to work huh?”

As Lainey wrote about last week, SATC 3 is a no-go. The conversation continued all weekend on Twitter, with Kim Cattrall defending her decision and liking tweets that called SATC 2 terrible (which it was). But Kristen Davis and Willie Garrison really want to do it. I’ve actually changed my mind on SATC 3: if they can turn this into a screenplay, I’d watch it.

You would think the pasta aisle is the place you’d be least likely to spot a celebrity in LA.

No one can tell her no! (Except for the International Tennis Federation. And Serena Williams… 18 times.)

Kevin Hart and Eniko Parish are naming their son, Kenzo. They announced it at a baby shower over the weekend. I’ll leave the name analysis to our expert Duana, but I want to talk about the splashy shower. Obviously, the Harts have been under a lot of scrutiny, which can’t be easy on Eniko. And I wonder if celebrity, and the circumstances surrounding this particular scandal, have made it hard for her to lean on or trust even those in her circle. I wonder if she has anyone in her life that could send her this Dear Jane column (from Jezebel), which deals with a pregnant woman who found out her husband cheated on her. The advice offered is solid.


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Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne both designed shirts for the Lady Garden Campaign in support of gynecological cancer awareness. Back in 2015, Naomi and Cara were rumoured to have gotten into a bit of a tussle over Rihanna. Fast forward two years, and Naomi and Rihanna may be on the outs, but Naomi and Cara seem to be on friendlier terms. Cara and Rihanna are also still close. Reunion at the Met Gala maybe?

Liam continues to send his best to Noel.