Hailey and Justin are going to be a popular Halloween costume this year. I’m begging Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos take a crack at it. 


Remember how I said we should keep an eye on the Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris story? Well Ashlyn’s ex posted about being in her Lemonade era. We all know exactly what that means. Sophia has spoken extensively about being cheated on, particularly from Chad Michael Murray, and she has a very specific following. Her fans will not take this well.


And because One Tree Hill still makes news (inexplicably and all the time!), Erin Foster has piped up to say CMM actually cheated on her with Sophia Bush. 

Drew Barrymore is pushing through the post-strike situation. If she had just waited like a month, so much could have been avoided! 


Vegas used to be the place artists were put out to pasture but now it’s the perfect space for performers who don’t want to give up two years of their life to touring. There’s so many health advantages (physical and mental) to the consistency of a show like this and not dealing with buses and hotels and constant flights. Touring doesn’t work for every artist but most are heavily encouraged to do it anyway because in the time of streaming, it creates a massive revenue flow. 


Tommy Lee is making headlines for drinking two gallons of vodka a day (this clip isn’t about that, it’s about critics). Anyway, you know what probably really gets Tommy’s goat? Pamela f-cking Anderson, who is as popular as ever. Beloved, I’d say. It’s not that Tommy is hated (he’s not Justin Timberlake), but he’s not beloved. And still, not her worst ex.


Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are starring in a new Lifetime movie together and you know what? Good for them! I like them together. Jenna seems like a very nice person and I always have a soft spot for the first wife of a movie star. They go through it.

Absolutely love Iris Apatow’s 21st birthday look. And those bouncers and waitresses definitely knew she was lying. 


Page Six is reporting that Vanity Fair is doing a big expose on Bravo and Housewives. I don’t know what they could say that would scandalize fans of the franchise as Housewives often tell on themselves and it’s not like we are watching PBS. Will this be like the Gwyneth take-down that never materialized?!

Britney, in her own words.