Jimmy Fallon posted a photo of his family (second shot) and I hate to say I enjoyed the Justin Timberlake mug. It pains me to admit that I enjoyed their reposting of the photo multiple times. I was absolutely tickled by this gag. What is going on? Has quarantine made me soft?

Jimmy Fallon's Instagram story

Last night Notting Hill was on and it is one of those movies that I will watch whenever I come across it, commercials included (thank you to the TIFF team for the “um” supercut, which is exactly what I needed today). Last time I checked Hugh had three children but there was a headline about him giving them haircuts so I Googled it and apparently he now has 5 children? I missed a couple of births. Then I fell into a rabbit hole of him calling his kids “talentless” (he’s seen a holiday play then) and grumbling about being an old dad. This is part of his charm of course – he is never not completely put-out and droll. Remember his Paddington 2 press tour? He’s a crusty grump and should never change. 

I am loving all of your emails on Chris Pratt, even if you think I’m a f-cking idiot for my take on politics and celebrities. This morning, John David Washington (who should have had a major year with Tenet) posted a story about voting, which is the most political he has gotten online. His father Denzel Washington does not do endorsements, even though people have been linking him to fake stories for years (Snopes did the fact checking). He has spoken pretty passionately about social media, addiction to devices and “opin-news” and has questioned what information overload has done to society (here’s a clip on that from BBC). He is obviously engaged but he doesn’t make his political choices known publicly and I wonder if he’s ever advised John, who is just at the beginning of his stardom, to do the same. 

John David Washington's Instagram story

Daniel Kaluuya is a very busy man and his attachment to a live-action Barney project got caught in my brain and now I can’t stop thinking about it. It could be brilliant. The dark side of the purple dinosaur. It would be interesting if they could bring back some of the original ensemble, like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. 

Trying to order off the Wendy’s menu after the edible hits. 

Quibi is rumoured to be near the end of its current run. Will we one day get a prestige TV miniseries about it? And what are they going to do with all that unwatched content? So much content!