Blake Lively is again calling out a fan site for posting photos of her daughters. PEOPLE has the transcript of what she wrote (you can read it here). Gigi Hadid has also asked fan sites to blur her daughter’s face in photos. This is not a new fight but has taken a different shape because they aren’t just fighting tabloids (where celebrities can gain some ground through the power of their publicist agency and joining together) but social media accounts that don’t answer to anyone. You can’t be fired from running a fan account if it’s yours. So while Blake’s tactics are working for now, I don’t know if eventually she will come across as someone who simply doesn’t care if she’s upset. 


Penn Badgley and Cardi B. fangirling each other is the purest thing on today’s Internet. 


Gwyneth Paltrow stayed with Ellen as she waited for her new house to be finished, which tells me two things: Ellen and Portia are great hosts and they have a spacious and comfortable guest home that is superior to a hotel (which all of these people can afford). I’m guessing in GP’s situation, she didn’t want to schlep two teens and pets to a hotel and wanted to stay in her neighbourhood (makes it easier for school runs and activities), plus she probably likes having a kitchen. It seems like G’s only quibble was the coffee machine, which she replaced with a “thank you” gift. Last spring, Ellen crashed at Courteney Cox’s house while she was waiting for construction to be completed. If given the chance, would you stay with a friend (in a really nice house with full staff) or a hotel? I’m choosing option B, every time. I have never liked staying in other people’s homes, not even AirBnBs. I think it’s from childhood conditioning – my immigrant parents (like many others) never allowed us to attend sleepovers, under any circumstances. No matter the nationality, race, religion or socioeconomic status, if you were the child of an immigrant you are familiar with the some version of the phrase “you have your own bed.” (Lainey: confirmed, and in some cases, the parents also say “I don’t trust that family”, LOL.) 


Miranda Kerr posted three shots from her Harper’s Bazaar Greece issue and all three are really great but I’m particularly loving the denim-on-denim look with the zippers and the rhinestone earrings – so 80s. It would be a killer going-out outfit. 


In 2020 the parent company of retailer NY & Company declared bankruptcy but the brand lives on and this new collaboration with Gabrielle Union has me checking in on a store I would not usually browse. I love the yellow houndstooth (I’m debating between the joggers and the sweater). There’s also a lot of mixing between pink and brown, fantastic for fall. NY & Co has collaborated with many celebrities throughout the years and I’m guessing chose to continue with (or extend) this collaboration with her not just because of her style (which is excellent) but because of her business acumen and reach. Her following is engaged, which is often an undervalued arm of a celebrity’s business. AGT undervalued that from her.