I hope I’m not giving anything away for our Australian readers, but this has been on Instagram for 24 hours so I assume it’s OK. Cody Simpson won The Masked Singer Australia and Lindsay Lohan said she guessed correctly. (Is that true? Can I get a confirmation on that from someone who watched the show?) This Tanya Hennessy interview (she is wonderful – am I a dumbass for not knowing this?) is so good. She name checks Miley Cyrus and calls his loft aesthetic “wanker.”


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Charlie Puth will play Chandler on the Friends reboot that will inevitably happen in 5 years.


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Dennis Quaid (65) is engaged to a 26-year-old woman. That’s an age gap that would make Mick Jagger proud. And while it’s not getting a lot of headlines (because why would it?), it has become punchline-of-the-week on Twitter.

This is one of my faves.

Nicki Minaj raided Etsy for her wedding. As we know, she is often misdirecting on social media – she said she was retiring, then she was working with Adele, but this is legit – right?


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This is a reasonable way to enjoy Star Wars for people who ignore the online “discourse,” which is both confounding and ridiculous. I also don’t need BB-8 on my lettuce – who is that for? 

This is a million times more smug than a typical anniversary post. “We’re too in love to remember our anniversary!” Okkkkkkkkkkk.


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