Val Kilmer and Angelina Jolie were almost roommates in Morocco. Who do you think would leave a mess in the kitchen? Or label their yogurt?

I love that Chrissy Teigen is in her robe here.

Hate to admit that I’m a Gwyneth – I would prefer to wear my regular clothes to a costume party. But I very much appreciate everyone else’s effort.

What do you think Nick Jonas thinks of Justin’s full torso tattoo?


Looking through the feed like... #monday

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Because Beyoncé interviews are so rare now, it’s hard to remember how accessible she used to be. Like doing the Tyra show with her mom, Solange and Julez. I would guess this was an appearance to promote Solange’s role in Bring It On: All or Nothing in 2006. The support for each other’s work is still there, but there’s a different way of showing their unity, like Tina being included in Bey’s Grammy’s performance.


I cannot believe my baby is 13 years old already!!!!Seems like yesterday that he was this little cute boy ❤️

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Liam didn’t exactly have a tantrum this time, but he definitely had a moment. He’s in his feelings about big brother.

Is Henry Cavill supposed to be the white chocolate in this situation? First off, I personally despise white chocolate and am part of the population who does not consider it real chocolate because it doesn’t contain cocoa powder (which is a key component of chocolate!). Second, is this what Henry Cavill looks like? I feel like he’s unrecognizable here. Or maybe I just don’t know his face.