It was a weekend of Diwali celebrations: Padma Lakshmi, Kal Penn and Prabal Gurung and Radhika Jones all hosted parties and there are lots of Instagram stories with dancing, food and so much fashion. (Kal hasn’t posted in his feed yet, so swipe through Kelly’s album to see the photos). 


This weekend, I was getting the sh-t scared out of me by The Weeknd at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I will never listen to “Blinding Lights” the same way again. Abel has messed me up. 



Fall is a lot right now – lots of oranges and browns and tall boots and knit sweaters which makes this Kate Hudson look feel extra fresh. It’s bright and sparkly but she kept the hair and makeup simple so the dress pops. It’s fun. And we know Kate Hudson loves fun. 


Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen “marriage watch” continues and Bridget Moynahan posted a quote on Instagram that is being interpreted as a comment on their status. She often posts quotes on her feed and in her stories so I don’t think this is directed at them but I do think their breakup will affect Bridget because she has been coparenting with both of them. When Jack visits during football season, it is likely Gisele who takes the lead with schedules and homework and day-to-day parenting because Tom is traveling and training. It’s an adjustment for all the kids and considering how far Gisele and Bridget have come (there was drama when Bridget was pregnant) and how hard they probably had to work at their relationship, I highly doubt Bridget would get messy like this on Instagram.