Leslie Jordan became an unexpected social media star during the first wave of Covid in North America, shooting his joy right onto our Instagram feeds. And just this summer, he bought his first apartment and celebrated with us. What a delightful man. 


Lainey sent me this this morning and the Target run took me out. But she’s not wrong!


I’m NEVER taking this dress off! 🐝 #Beyonce

♬ Formation (Originally Performed by Beyonce) [Instrumental Version] - Hit The Button Karaoke

Succession has released the first teaser and unlike the start of season three, which left some questions about alliances, the table is set. It’s the three Roys versus Daddy Roybucks, who is becoming increasingly isolated and grandiose. Connor is of course a floater, he will go with whoever provides his allowance. The final moment is of Shiv and Tom and the question is if their marriage will survive Tom’s double-cross. This puts Tom in an interesting position because you can’t get anywhere in this family without Logan’s approval, but he wouldn’t be in the family without Shiv. He needs his usefulness to Logan to outweigh his betrayal of Shiv and that’s a tricky situation. 


I don’t know what Russell Crowe is so grouchy about, “vacuous malarkey” is the frankly the best kind of malarkey. 

If you have perused Jason Mamoa’s Instagram hoping to find him suns out/buns out, flip to the 6th slide. It’s all there. 


Jessica Seinfeld created a succinct and social media-friendly post for those who didn’t know how to publicly react to anti-Semitic remarks by Kanye West and the overall rise in anti-Jewish sentiment online and in real life. As Lainey wrote in her piece, to mention Kanye is to feed Kanye and many people want to (understandably) steer clear of him. Part of what makes Jessica’s post so effective is that it is clear that this is a direct rebuke of the dangerous conspiracy theories he is spreading but it’s done in a celebrity-friendly way, so famous people will feel comfortable posting it without feeling like they are taking on Kanye (and his whole mess). There is a lot of very valid criticism around slacktivism but what separates this, at least for me, is that so much of what Kanye does is centered in social media so it makes sense to challenge him there. 


I don’t get WWHL Live in Canada (rude), but I love this pairing so much! Two women who try very hard and, at different points in their career, have been shamed for it. Anne is on a killer fashion streak and she’s worn VB in the past but I’d like to see what they can do together. I don’t think Victoria has ever dressed someone for the Oscars – this could be an amazing collaboration.