I mentioned Busy Philipps in today’s As Seen On Social Media, so if you are looking for her necklace head over there. But this is about her falling – HARD – down a set of stairs. And she bounces right back up because if you’ve ever had a fall like this, you know the shock kicks in. This is a gasp-worthy tumble and thank goodness she didn’t get hurt. 


Happy New Year, Busy. 


It’s hard to quantify how big of a scandal Milli Vanilli was to people who didn’t live through it and now, with AI and autotune and avatars, you look back and it’s almost quaint. They lip-synced someone else’s songs. They faked it. And now faking and hustle culture is rewarded! Also, the music still slaps. Put on “Blame It On the Rain” and try not to sing along. Not possible. 


Sofia Vergara had Jesse Tyler and Julie Bowen over to her house and of course they snooped in her closet and I’m sure Sofia loved it. You don’t put a chandelier in the closet because you are shy about it. 


Vera Wang is making headlines for eating McDonald’s (she goes through phases with it) but everyone is leaving out the rest of her advice for aging well – sleep and avoiding the sun!

Lainey covered the Ginuwine talk this morning but I can’t stop reading the tweets. It’s too much cringe but also too funny.


The one positive thing about the union asking actors not to dress up as movie characters is that we will be spared a million Barbie and Ken costumes from people who use actual stylists and designer clothing and hair and makeup teams to do their costumes. Boring! And we’ve all moved onto Kraylor, which will be popular. So far this is my favourite. 


Not all celebrity brands make sense but Gwen Stefani and makeup? That makes sense. Gwen Stefani and red lips? That’s peanut butter and jelly. I would totally trust Gwen’s judgement with this.