Jesse Tyler celebrated his birthday with some of the Modern Family cast and I thought the blonde guy was someone who worked on the show behind the scenes. It’s Joe Manganiello! I had no idea until I saw a headline. He also has a mask on so I can’t be the only one who didn’t recognize him. He wasn’t tagged, which would have helped.


With the Hocus Pocus reunion comes the news that there will be a sequel for Disney+ …but haven’t we already heard this? A director was set in March of this year and Sarah wrote about it all the way back in 2017. There’s been a lot of sequel news (like Legally Blonde) with production so backed up due to COVID safety protocols, as well as unexpected shutdowns (like with The Batman), how much of this announced content will we really get in the next two to three years? 

I finally started listening to The Renner Files and it’s so good, the perfect mix of true crime satire and pop culture analysis. Seth Rogen’s appearance absolutely killed me because he came on not as a celebrity, but as an early 2000s reality TV fan. If you have time, it’s worth a listen.


I talked about Notting Hill last week and Hugh Grant said in a Twitter Q&A he would like to a sequel, which would involve a messy divorce. I agree with his read on William and Anna – every movie star needs a starter marriage. I always got the sense she would have tired of him pretty quick. 

In slightly cringe news, there have been rumours Tori Spelling is joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (it even made it on to TMZ) but Bravo has refuted that, as has Andy Cohen. The show is in production and they have a new cast member (the first Asian American on this franchise, about time!) and Tori’s nowhere near it. So where are these leaks coming from? It’s not very subtle work. Has it ever been from this camp?


Are Brad and his maybe-GF Nicole Poturalski still together? Page Six is reporting she’s back with her husband (but if they are open, were they ever really apart?). It’s not super clear. It’s Brad, so for the most part he is able to stay hidden until he chooses to be seen again. Right now, he’s pushed focus away from his dating life. 

Holidate. A rom-com about finding a fake date for the holidays. We are powerless against this kind of force.