Yesterday Lainey wrote about Gwyneth Paltrow and Gal Gadot hanging out an event and linked to the “Belinda” videos which are of course satire, with an undercurrent of truth about class and consumerism (per the video below, Gwyneth did actually endorse Rick Caruso). 


My point to this is that Lainey talked about skin care in her post and I also constantly talk about skin care because there is no way these women (and men like Paul Rudd) are applying some over-the-counter cream and calling it a night. We know about the facials and lasers and microcurrents, but I’ve recently discovered prescription skin creams. I’m shocked at how effective (and inexpensive!) they are compared to the average bottle of serum at Sephora. I am now convinced that some celebrities use prescription topicals and just don’t talk about it. 


Ticket to Paradise has hit $100 million at the box office and I’ll leave the business analysis to Sarah but in my amateur opinion, it seems like movie stars still matter, especially when they are in a familiar element (like a Top Gun sequel). And George Clooney and Julia Roberts did it with a somewhat old school press tour – you don’t need TikTok dances when you have a double charm offensive. 


Natasha Lyonne stars in a new series by Rian Johnson, a “case of the week” crime series like Columbo or Murder, She Wrote. This feels like a network show in the good way (comforting and consistent with a charismatic lead and lots of guest stars) and streamers should think about how audience demand is shifting. Prestige TV overload is real and audiences seem to love episodic storytelling with great actors (see Only Murders in the Building, Dead to Me, Bridgerton, Never Have I Ever). Not everything has to try to be The Sopranos or The Wire.


And in a reverse Uno move, AMC is selling tickets to a Yellowstone sneak peek and it sold out so fast that new dates have been added. If a Yellowstone movie wasn’t already in the works, it is now. (Is Yellowstone, or Boomer Game of the Thornes as I call it, prestige TV? I think it’s a comedy.)