Gossip nostalgia is an incredibly powerful thing, especially when it comes to couples (see: Bennifer). Scrolling through Instagram I came across Lenny Kravitz and it made me wonder why we never wish for a Lenny x Lisa reunion? They were – and are! – so beautiful. And now, with many years and a daughter between them, best friends. 


Clearly they know what they were meant to be but if were to happen, I mean the timeline would implode. 


Nicole Richie is meaning to be self-depreciating but the joke kind of doesn’t land considering she is at a professional photo shoot and modeling. Anyway, I have never heard of this cosmetic brand and I guess that’s why they partnered with Nicole Richie. I’m not a makeup person but I’m an absolute glutton for skin care – is Relevant good? Don’t tell me, I don’t need anymore serums! (But if it’s actually good then yes, tell me.)


Russell Wilson sometimes gets criticized for being too romantic because a corner of the internet thinks it’s emasculating. Imagine people getting mad at you because you treat your partner too well??!!!!??!?? There’s a loud, misogynistic point of view (especially on X) about why people shouldn’t please their partners too much, because she (the dynamic is usually presented as a man and woman) will “get used to it.” Anyway, Russell rented out a Waffle House for Ciara’s birthday and as you would expect, she loved it. 


This is not Vanessa Hudgens’s wedding dress but it is a wedding dress. This looks like a Bachelorette/Halloween night? That’s a good theme mix, penis straws and sashes are a little played out. 

The Taylor Effect on the NFL is that there’s a big uptick in NFL-related stories on outlets like PEOPLE an US Weekly, about players that have nothing to do with the prom king and queen. It’s like trickle down economics, but for gossip. You know who else is getting a lot of shine? Jason Kelce, because he acts as the fan (and nosy person) who gets to drill Travis on our behalf. 


Dua Lipa has wiped her Instagram and posted a single photo. We know what that means. 


I need to know what Duana thinks of this: in a new interview with Gayle King, Jay-Z said that they originally planned to name Blue Ivy “Brooklyn” but after nicknaming her “blueberry” while Beyonce was pregnant, it evolved into Blue Ivy. What’s interesting about this is that they did not use that name for either twin and I don’t believe it’s a middle name either – they completely moved on from it. Blue turned out to be perfect for their first born and obviously Ivy is a reference to IV (the Carters number), so it makes so much sense. A name evolution.