JLo in a perfect fall outfit (if any of us were actually getting dressed right now) with a knit tucked into the long skirt. It’s Dior, which is not usually her go-to (because of her collaboration with Coach, she’s been wearing a lot of their pieces). But we know JLo loves a baseball cap. This one has a veil, a very unique feature, and runs $1250 CAD. (I wasn’t able to find the skirt or the sweater because Dior clothes are not sold as widely as brands like Gucci or Burberry.) She has worn Dior for one big event (when she received her star on the Walk of Fame) and a couple of red carpets, but it’s not in her regular rotation. She is probably deep into finalizing her wedding dress – could it be Dior? Previously, she has worn Valentino (Criss Judd) and Zuhair Murad (Marc Anthony). We don’t know what she was going to wear with Ben Affleck though. What happened to that dress? Was it ever worn? Was it destroyed because of the bad vibes associated with it? I would love to read an oral history of that dress. For her wedding to Alex Rodriguez, will she go with a label like Dior? Or will it be Versace, which has always brought her good luck. 


Which celebrity do you think has a social media that diverts from their image the most? My pick would be Leonardo DiCaprio. Exhibit A: three women over 25. 

The official line on Cameron Diaz is that she’s retired but during quarantine, we’ve seen more of her than we have in years. I’m not complaining because I think a comeback movie on Netflix would be great (and seems inevitable). It seems like social media has helped her adjust her relationship to fame to a place where she feels comfortable using it when she wants and how she wants. She came up during the time of paps and tabloid covers and that whole scene has practically vanished in the US. No one is checking on In Touch for pictures of a celebrity walking out of a nail salon. 


Someone hopped on social media to say that artists like Cardi B are devaluing Birkins. I want to break this down because yes it’s anti-Black (as the original poster admitted) and there’s more to the fashion side. Hermes does keep a tight lock on their Birkins – run-of-the-mill rich people are turned away. There’s an extremely limited number of them produced, a huge wait list, and there’s a whole black market built around them (there’s a book about it, Bringing Home the Birkin). You have to be an established customer with a relationship with a sales person to even look at one. But what that poster missed is that Cardi B is exactly that: established. She’s a fashion force, she has covered Vogue, she wears couture – I can assure you she has a relationship with many people in this world. “They” (the powers that be in fashion) LOVE Cardi B. Hip-hop has actually helped luxury items like Cristal, Maybachs, Patek Phillippe watches make a name into mainstream culture. Given the choice, I can guarantee Hermes would rather Cardi B carry a Birkin than a Real Housewife or WAG.